The Clothes Horse

Working with The Clothes Horse is a joy for me, as I am a horse lover, and owner. Katrina Coldren, the owner of The Clothes Horse, has sent me a lot of work over the years, as she often has clients who need their logos recreated, or a brand new logo designed.

An ad layout created for The Clothes Horse meant to give a peek into all the different details and options they offer. Not only do they create horse clothing, but director’s chairs, tack room drapes, tack trunks, leg wraps and much much more.

The Clothes Horse launched a new site in 2015, and it includes a few custom elements including a software where a viewer can “Sample a Horse Blanket” or even “Tack Room Walls” in the colors offered to get an idea of what might look good for their particular needs. Take a peek!

Since The Clothes Horse is located in New Jersey, where horse activity is high, I create ads that go in some fancy publications. This ad features Beezie Madden, who is a member of the United States Equestrian Olympic Team, and has won MANY prestigious awards – too many to list here! Super cool!

Often, clients come to The Clothes Horse wanting their logo embroidered on their horses’ blanket or tack trunk, etc, and they do not have the proper artwork needed to make that happen, and so I need to recreate the art, or create a new logo altogether.

This is a brochure for The Clothes Horse that shows photographic examples of the exemplary work they create for their clients. It is designed to be a self mailer, or it will easily fit within an envelope as well.

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