I love what I do

It really doesn't get any simpler than that.

I’m located in Colorado, but I work with clients from coast to coast. I believe that graphic design is about more than making something look fantastic – it’s about communication, pure and simple. I listen to your needs and tailor each design and project accordingly.

I take pride in treating my clients with respect, and promise to be sensitive to deadlines and budgets.

Having over 20 years of experience in the field has helped me understand what services people are after. You have enough on your plate doing what you do – let me help you look professional and give you the right files you will need to move forward with your business.

“Jenny Hancey is a gifted graphic artist who immerses herself into your vision and creates pieces that are timeless. We have worked with Hancey Design for over five years and plan to continue through the life of our company. Jenny is responsive, easy to work with, and offers her advice to help guide you through the process of creating a perfect piece. From newspaper ads to postcards and brochures, posters and banners, Jenny’s touch has allowed us to create a brand that is perfect for all of our printed products.” –Marilyn Innerfeld, Director, Baron Education, DriveSafe Driving Schools, CollegeDrive Test Prep and Tutoring

My services

If it’s printed, I can design it, and this is what I love doing the most. Website ads are also fun to create and, let’s face it, social media is everywhere these days and it helps to have a fresh spin on your ad campaign.

Branding & Identity
Catalogs and Such
Brochures & Postcards
Packaging & Labels
Banners & Wall Decals
Book Covers

My Approach

By asking detailed questions, I am able to determine the right course of action for you from the start. Custom questionnaires help us narrow down some options so you aren’t paying for unnecessary design time. I maintain constant communication with you every step of the way through online proofs, emails and phone conversations until the job is done to your satisfaction.

Most projects are done at an hourly rate of $60/hour. Logos are designed at the flat rate of $250. If you have a specific budget, please let me know. Most of my clients are small businesses and I understand the need to keep costs low.


After my client and I agree on the direction we need to start in, I will either 1) grab a pencil and paper and start sketching or 2) jump in front of the ‘ol Mac and start mousing away. Once I get to the point where a design is starting to take shape, I send low resolution pdf proofs via email. Clients can either call or email back with feedback.

Once the design is approved, I can provide printing quotes if needed, send finals to the printer of choice, or directly to the client. Logo files are sent as eps, high res jpg and png files, and other files types if requested. Print files are generally pdf files.

One important fact I have learned over the years is that people don’t obtain the right type of files for their needs – jpgs are common, and they are ok for web files sometimes, but they are generally not for print. Ask me why this is SO important!


About ME, personally – I am proud to be a Colorado native, and live in a log cabin that my husband’s grandparents built in 1951, on about 13 acres, at 8,200 ft. I am married to the man of my dreams, and we have a wonderful son, Alex.

We have a small ranch, and I am a H-U-G-E animal person. We have horses, mini horses, a mini burro, turkeys, geese, cats, chickens, and 2 dogs. I ride my horse as much as I can, and she is the best horse I have ever had. I have done design work for many animal organizations, including Denkai Animal Sanctuary, Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Spay Today- Neuter Now, Evergreen Animal Protective League, Intermountain Humane Society, and more. Most of the design work for these organizations has been for free, because I believe in giving to what is important to you, and animals are “it” for me.

I enjoy walking on our property after work, sometimes followed by our geese or the dogs looking at the flowers and wildlife. I love summer and warm weather, book club, exotic cars and Jeeps, riding my horse, and connecting with people.

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